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Solution for your Gaming Business Success

Live Gaming Solutions is the leading company that specializes in online casino products optimization and protection. Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with the highest quality service by helping to increase the ROI, insuring against fraudulent activities, and optimizing the service.

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Our Products


The leading provider of anti-fraud and risk services for live gaming providers. We will protect your business from financial loss and reputational damage. With our expertise your business will be safe and secure.


Live BI Solutions will help your company to capitalize and extract the most value from your data by providing expert-level business intelligence (BI) services in creating customized and holistic BI solutions.

Our Services

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Our services support full cycle of the clients' products. Starting with pre-live games analysis and all the way with players, integrity, and financial results analysis when the game is live.

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Analysis of unsatisfactory financial results

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  • Game monitoring and analysis

  • Explanation of financial results

Player reporting and analysis

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Promotion analysis

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  • Promotion planning

  • Promotion mathematical calculations

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Integrity analysis

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Business Analytics

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  • Key financial data analysis per games, tables, bet types, countries, and other criteria

New and current game analysis

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  • Player betting pattern analysis

  • Advantage player identification

  • Suspicious player monitoring

  • Quantitative mathematical statistical data analysis

  • Shuffle quality analysis and procedure consultations

  • Risk analysis of featured products

  • Vulnerability detection

BI Dashboards and Reports

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  • Visualizations that help to convey information in an easy-to-understand way

  • Customized Business Intelligence dashboards for your organization

Post-Production Support

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  • Product management to improve overall performance

  • Product maintenance for optimal performance

New gaming product development

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  • Market research, idea generation, and game design development

  • Prototyping and testing ensure the game meets desired specifications

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Our Story

Welcome to Live Gaming Solutions, the leading mother company that encompasses three dynamic gaming companies: Live Fraud Solution, Live BI Solutions, and Live Product Solutions. Our journey began several years ago with Live Fraud Solution, and since then, we have evolved into a thriving group with a diverse range of offerings.

Live Fraud Solution is at the forefront of combating fraud in the gaming industry, providing innovative solutions that ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of gaming environments. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding the interests of both players and operators.

Live BI Solutions specializes in Business Intelligence services tailored specifically for the gaming sector. With our cutting-edge analytics and data-driven insights, we empower gaming businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance player experiences. Our comprehensive BI solutions provide a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

At Live Product Solutions, we are passionate about creating unique game show products that captivate audiences worldwide. Our team of creative minds continuously pushes boundaries to deliver exciting and engaging gaming experiences. We take pride in developing innovative concepts that redefine the gaming landscape and leave a lasting impression on players.

As Live Gaming Solutions, our combined expertise across these three companies enables us to provide comprehensive and holistic gaming solutions to our clients. Whether you need to combat fraud, gain valuable business insights, or introduce captivating game show products, we are here to meet your needs. Join us on this thrilling gaming journey and experience the excellence that Live Gaming Solutions has to offer.



Tel: +371 27464667

Antonijas street 9

Latvia, Riga, LV-1010


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